dancing in norms (DIN)

design system | motion capture

whole project  
Year: 2023
Role: Motion Design 
Tools: Houdini, Redshift

Direction and art direction: Samuel Lewek
Dance: Thomas Lempertz
Music: Frederic Hellmann
Editing: Katharina Jung
Sounddesign: Frederic Hellmann, Vincent Egerter
Production: Sabina Stöckler
Animation: Samuel Lewek & Ole Bornitz
Visual system: Luca Carubia & Samuel Lewek
Motion graphics: Luca Carubia & Victor Heckle
Creative coding: Victor Heckle
MoCap camera: Jan Wittkopp
MoCap technical direction: Justus Henne
Technical support: Paulo Scatena & Leon Monschauer

For the "Dancing in Norms" project, several abstract visualisation principles were developed based on recorded motion data. These principles led to character designs inspired by chair design icons.